Nearest Neighbour Few-Shot Learning for Cross-lingual Classification

We propose a trasductive approach for few shot cross-lingual classification.

AugVic: Exploiting BiText Vicinity for Low-Resource NMT

We propose AugVic, a data augmentation framework for sequence to sequence model (i.e. NMT) using Language Model.

UXLA: A Robust Unsupervised Data Augmentation Framework for Zero-Resouce Cross-Lingual NLP

We propose UXLA, a novel data augmentation framework for self-supervised learning in zero-resource transfer learning scenarios.

LNMAP: Departures from Isomorphic Assumption in Bilingual Lexicon Induction Through Non-Linear Mapping in Latent Space

We propose a novel semi-supervised method to learn cross-lingual word embeddings for BLI.

Zero-Resource Cross-Lingual Named Entity Recognition

We propose a superior model and training method for zero resource transfer of Cross-lingual Named Entity Recognition.